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SUPER X-SIM IV is FIRST & ONLY IN THE WORLD that User can reprogrammable UNIVERSAL SIM by End-user self in the phone (No more PC, No more soft, No more experience, any one can programming it). Support almost phone unlock.
User can reprogramming and add new phone models to the SUPER X-SIM and can update the SUPER X-SIM to unlock a lot of models in market by End-user self in any phone.


- Support 3G iphone
- Reprogrammable and update by End-user self in any phone (No more PC, No more soft, No more experience, any one can programming it).
- SUPER X-SIM IV can update with phone self, no need any dongle, soft and pc.
- Support firmware update
- Can change IMSI as any country network code by user self, not only 00101, suit for ANY EUROPE country. Network code list
- Support add any new phone models in phone by ser self without any pc, soft and experience
- Without Test-Point, Computer, logs, Cables or Hacks
- Instant unlocking - Plug & Play
- Safe, secure and cheap key
- Unlocks without loosing the phone's warranty
- Long lasting and durable solution

- First only in the world Support Auto search correct code, now you can search correct unlock code with this powerful magic x-sim,
- Add more than 20 kinds of fast preset unlock code in Super X-SIM IV, support more than 400 kinds of phone east , fast unlock without PC programming
- Keep powerful phone reprogramming functions
- Add any new phones unlock without PC
- Test and add new phone by end use self without reseller help
- Add support Remote firmware update


Nokia 1208
Nokia 1600
Nokia 3110c
Nokia 2310
Nokia 3250
Nokia 3500c
Nokia 5200
Nokia 5300
Nokia 5310
Nokia 5500
Nokia 5610
Nokia 6080
Nokia 6085
Nokia 6070
Nokia 6110
Nokia 6120c
Nokia 6161
Nokia 6151
Nokia 6120
Nokia 6125
Nokia 6136
Nokia 6280
Nokia 6288
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6300
Nokia 6301
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6500
Nokia 6500s
Nokia 6500c
Nokia 6822
Nokia 7500 Prism
Nokia 7373
Nokia 7390
Nokia E50
Nokia E51
Nokia E51-1
Nokia E60
Nokia E60-1
Nokia E61-1
Nokia E65
Nokia E70
Nokia E90
Nokia E90-1
Nokia N70
Nokia N72
Nokia N73
Nokia N76
Nokia N80
Nokia N81
Nokia N82
Nokia N93
Nokia N95
Nokia N95-1
Nokia N95 8GB

Samsung L760
Samsung J600
Samsung Z370
Samsung U700
Samsung P910
Samsung i600
Samsung C450
Samsung C260
Samsung F600
Samsung Z170
Samsung D600E
Samsung SC707
Samsung X480
Samsung X640
Samsung F900
Samsung U600
Samsung Z240
Samsung A411
Samsung 705
Samsung 706
Samsung 707
Samsung 708
Samsung 709

LG U300
LG KG275
LG U250
LG B2050
LG U310
LG U880
LG U890
LG KG130
LG KG800
LG KU580

sharp 550
Sharp 770SH
sharp 903
Sharp 904
Sharp 920
sharp 804

Sony ericsson K850
SonyEricsson W580
SonyEricsson T230
SonyEricsson Z310 CID52
SonyEricsson W300i
SonyEricsson V630
SonyEricsson J220
SonyEricsson W810i
SonyEricsson W660i
SonyEricsson T630
SonyEricsson K700
SonyEricsson K310
SonyEricsson K770
SonyEricsson K550
SonyEricsson P990i
SonyEricsson T610
SonyEricsson W200
SonyEricsson K510
SonyEricsson K800
SonyEricsson W810i
SonyEricsson K300
SonyEricsson W300i
SonyEricsson w200i
SonyEricsson w660i

Sagem X2-2m
Sagem 600x
Sagem w8

Toshiba TS705
Toshiba G900
Toshiba TS705
Toshiba 810
Toshiba 811
Toshiba 904T
Toshiba 910T

Huawei MT810
Huawei T7200
Huawei T2000
Huawei T868
Huawei T5700
Huawei C2800
Huawei C2606
Huawei C2860
Huaweii 120
Huaweii 121

ZTE F150
ZTE F851
ZTE F850
ZTE F256
ZTE F252
ZTE F151

Iphone V1.1.1
Iphone V1.1.2
Iphone V1.1.3

Alcatel C550
Alcatel OT201
Alcatel OT801
Alcatel Elle N1

BlackBerry 8820
BlackBerry 8707v
BlackBerry 8700

Motorola V8
Motorola V547
Motorola V600
Motorola A780
Motorola Z6

Lobster 485
Vondafone 810
Vodafone V715
MDA Compact IV

Siemens A38
Siemens A50
Siemens S68


The SUPER X-SIM  can add new any mode and can update, so the new support models will add more and more by user self.

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