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Support iphone4s, iphone5, 2 in 1


- X-SIM True Plug-and-Play Unlocking SIM Interposer

- Unlock with no Jailbreak Required, no 112

- Works on IOS 5.X.X, 6.0, 6.01, 6.12, 6.13, 7.XX  Baseband 1.X.XX, 2.X.XX, 3.4.01, 3.4.02, 3.4.03, 5.X.00

- Compared to the former unlock card, better in compatibility.It can support any 4S, 5 , 5C/5S

( applicable to T-MOB & FIDO in France,etc.)

- With original fast speed chipsets, less power comsuption,thinner,more convenient to plug and play!

- It's applicable to any 4S without any limited operator.It has surpassed any type of unlock card!

- Actually,applicable to three networks: WCDMA+GSM+CDMA.No any problem for any of these networks!

- It can support any system(5.X.X, 6.XX, 6.12, 6.13, 7.X.X, Baseband 1.X.XX, 2.X.XX, 3.4.01, 3.4.02, 3.4.03, 5.X.00


- The Internet of 2G +3G etc. can work well. 

- It is obsolutely original.Pls identify X-SIM.(with aftersale service,replacement,update.)

- Other than the iron trays, there are pink, orange, black etc. ones for you to choose from.

- There two modes: CDMA & GSM modes can be selected.

- Operators are built in. Mode 1: with the highest speed; Mode 2: the second highest speed.


1. Power on, display carrier screen, choose carrier

2. If carrier not in here or want to change unlock mode, please do follow

3. Selelct 'Not change' and accept.
Settings => Phone => SIM Applications.


5. Usualy select ip4 mode2 ( fast searching network), some sim card display 'no sim or no network, please set ip4 mode1.

6. Press ‘Input IMSI’ ,enter 7 bits carrier code. sample: if your 4s is AU Vodafone 50503,  then enter " 5050300", restart again.

7. power on , waiting for signal

More carrier code list >>>

All world carrier code in here:


Put in X-SIM, Show:"Activation Required",Unable to activate.Solution:

1,Don't put in any simcard to your iphone,Turn off your iphone,Turn on your iphone;
2,Open "Voice memos",Click recording butten,start recording;
3,Press the home button,back home now
4,Put in X-SIM and SimCard and X-SIM Tray to your iPhone
6,If show: "Activation Required",click Status bar "Recording",in to "Voice memos",press the home button,Back home
7,Click Settings>>Phone>>SIM Applications>>Entering the X-SIM program list,Select carrier
8,If this operation is invalid, please repeat this procedure

How to unlock USA Verizon and Sprint

1. Setting--General--Reset--Eraise all content and settings
2. Jailbreak
4. Cydia add V.BACKSPACE.JP/REPO install 'CommCenter patch'. open Cydia, add install 'iPhone4S Network Package'
5. Insert sim and x-sim, select USA Verizon or USA Sprint, restart and waiting for signal

Installation Instructions for Setting of CDMA Iphone with CDMA simcard,click here


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